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Our Services


TEAM International provides manpower development services, according to the specific needs of each client. We perform studies and formulate recommendations needed to establish, develop, upgrade or administer the training function. We offer the client complete consulting services covering all the requirements from initiating to fully implementing a training plan, tailored in each case to the specific needs and the prevailing conditions.

Areas of expertise include:

Diagnostic and Feasibility Studies Related to Training

Services offered in this domain cover diagnostic surveys of training and manpower needs, feasibility studies of training requirements, and development and delivery of management training programs for a number of public and private organizations.

Training Programs Evaluation

TEAM International performed several workshops on training programs evaluation consisting of training personnel on program evaluation, recommending, updating, and modifying the development of training programs covering various vocational training levels and specialties.

Development of Manpower Plans

Development of manpower plans includes the study of human resources in multiple sectors and for several ministries. It covers many areas such as water supply and sanitary disposal (as part of training services conducted for the World Health Organization (WHO)), transportation methods (as part of a project estimating manpower requirements for all major functions and activities related to the four modes of transportation in the six Gulf Cooperation Arab States), leadership (as a component of the School Principals development program), and strategic planning.

Operation of Training Facilities and Instruction

TEAM International work in this field includes the determination of the required number and specialties of trainers as well as the number and functions of supporting staff for training facilities. It also covers development of organization and management systems, staff recruitment and orientation training, selection of trainees, performance of aptitude testing, and start-up of training operations and facilities.

Training Studies and Development of Training Plans
Work in this field includes development of training plans, organization of training activities, and assessment of training requirement studies and manpower development plans.
Fostering Local Participation in Training - Instructor Training

Experience in this area involves pedagogical and orientation training of trainers prior and during the course of their functions in vocational training centers, including the preparation of training material and supervision.

Curriculum Design Development and Preparation of Training Material

Work performed in this domain covers the planning of training programs, development of training materials and training manuals, and the provision of technical support and assistance in computer operations.

Architectural and Engineering Design of Training Facilities

The scope of work in this area covers the design of vocational training centers including the specification of equipment and space requirements, their layout, architectural and engineering design. It also covers the preparation of the related technical specifications, and the bid documents and bills of quantities.

Audio-Visual Production
​The scope of activities includes the production of slides, charts, and computer-based training materials.
Management Development and Technical Training

TEAM International conducts hundreds of training programs region-wide covering a wide variety of topics. These contractual training programs are tailor-made for specific public and private organizations, and implemented at the clients’ location. Programs cover management, engineering, technical and computer topics.