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Our Services


For over thirty years TEAM International has provided its clients with the latest Information Technology advancements through a range of system solutions that enhance the productivity and efficiency of business processes. The reliance on the information super highway has created a technological dependency that redefines organizational and corporate dynamics. The capacity to reach clients and markets with real time information and to transact higher volumes of goods and services makes the benefits of IT tools and skills an essential success factor in any sector.

TEAM International endeavors to develop state-of-the-art ICT products that add thrust to managerial strategy in realizing organizational goals. TEAM International’s ICT scope provides for:

  • ICT Vision & Strategy
  • Management Information Systems
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Document Management Systems
  • GIS
  • Information Security
  • Software Product Development
  • Web Technologies Solutions
  • Information Technology Audit