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Case study

A Study of The Council For Development And Reconstruction

A Study of The Council For Development And Reconstruction
Government of Lebanon – Arab Fund For Economic And Social Development
Associated Firm
Coopers & Lybrand
Management Consulting
Project Details

The study objectives were to carry out an evaluation of the performance of CDR covering its achievements, legal status, organization structure, departments, manpower resources expenditures made and committed and its relationship with the mand other government agencies, to assist the Lebanese Government to make a decision pertaining to the status of CDR.

Scope of Work included:


    • Determination of the rationale and warrants for the establishment of CDR (developmental, technical, administrative, financial, legal).


    • Identification of the key objectives set for CDR by the Government.

  • Performance of the Council for the period 1977-1989, including:

      • The concept of CDR as a multi-functional development and reconstruction authority combining financing, planning, programming and execution operations under a single authority rather than distributing these functions over several ministries.

      • The achievements of the Council in:

          • Securing finance internal and external

          • Planning and programming of projects

          • Implementation of projects

          • Its relationship with other government bodies

    • Legal status of the Council:

        • Its relation with the highest authority in the state.

        • Its relation with various ministries, government bodies and public authorities, including the coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

        • Organizational and human resource aspects, and the constraints that have faced the Council.