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Case study

ABC Achrafieh Mall – Traffic Impact Study

ABC Achrafieh Mall – Traffic Impact Study
ABC s.a.l.
Associated Firm
Transportation & Highway
Feb/1998 – May/1998
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
An urban shopping mall, which includes department stores, retail boutiques, restaurants and cafes, and movie houses. Parking garage capacity about 2500.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
A traffic impact study was prepared to address the potential impacts and circulation needs associated with the development of a 27,000 square meters of Retail/Commercial Center (ABC Ashrafieh Mall). ABC shopping center is expected to be fully operational and to generate traffic to its full potential by summer of 2004. The proposed site is located in Mar Mitr, a dense area of the city of Beirut about 1.5 kilometers southeast of Beirut Central District.
The traffic impact studies included : (1) vehicular counts on surrounding streets and intersections, (2) estimation of trip and parking generation, (3) assignment of generated traffic to garage entrances and surrounding streets, (4) evaluation of level of service (LOS) on surrounding streets and intersections. (5) Proposals for circulation changes and intersection signalization. (6) Proposed direct bridge/ramp access to garage.
The traffic impact study provided reliable guidance on short and medium-range planning of site access, off-site improvements needed to permit the street system to accommodate site and non-site traffic satisfactorily, and on-site circulation (and interface between the on-site circulation and off-site traffic). The study also assisted developers and property owners in making critical land use site planning decisions regarding traffic and transportation aspects.