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Case study

Beirut Toll Roads Project

Beirut Toll Roads Project
Parsons Brinckerhoff (Europe) Ltd.
Associated Firm
Transportation & Highway
Sept/1998 – Feb/1999
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
TEAM International assisted PB on advising a prominent international developer interested in investing in toll roads in Lebanon (the same corridor now being considered for rail transit). TEAM International conducted additional road-side O-D surveys and traffic counts that were used to update the Greater Beirut Area trip matrices. Trip matrices were produced by period of day and trip purpose. Forecasts through the year 2020 were produced. A network model using EMME/2, was adjusted and calibrated using matrix adjustment techniques. Generalized cost assignments were made to estimate the diversion of traffic to the proposed toll roads. Various tolling strategies were considered. Combinations of construction sequencing and tolling strategies (passenger car vs. truck, peak vs. off-peak, open vs. closed, flat vs. kilometric) were analyzed to identify that combination that would maximize revenues.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided:
Transport Modeling.