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Case study

Bridge on Litani River at Jib Jannine Town Northern Entrance

Bridge on Litani River at Jib Jannine Town Northern Entrance
Ministry of Public Works
Associated Firm
Transportation & Highway
1998 – 1999
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
The bridge is part of the upgrading project of the northern entrance to town of Jib Jannine. The upgrading was necessary to enhance traffic and pedestrian safety and eliminate the hazards resulting from a sharp S-curve along the alignment of the existing roadway going into an old narrow bridge over the Litani River. The upgrading includes the widening of and adding sidewalks to a 900m existing roadway section and constructing a 350m new roadway section connecting the new bridge with the existing roadway. In-addition works included drainage, lighting, signing and marking.

The bridge is 36m long in two equal spans. The overall width of the bridge is 10.50m with a clear roadway width of 7.50m measured face-to-face of curbs. The superstructure is composed of a 20cm cast-in-place reinforced concrete deck slab carried by and acting compositely with 7 pre-cast concrete girders, 0.50m wide by 1.00m deep each, spaced at 1.50m on center. The girders were made continuous for live load plus impact and superimposed dead load and thus eliminating the deck joint at the pier. Girder continuity was achieved for the resulting moments by use of reinforcement in the deck slab and in the diaphragm over the pier. The substructure consists of two cantilever type abutments and a wall type pier with rounded ends. All substructure units are supported on 1.20m diameter 14m long drilled cast-in-place concrete piles.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
All the design services of the above except topo surveys and soil investigation that were subcontracted.