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Case study

Business Process Improvement Project

Business Process Improvement Project
Ministry of Municipal and Rual Affairs (MoMRA)
Associated Firm
Saudi Arabia
Management and Business Architecture
Nov 2013 – Oct 2015
Project Details

The municipal bodies across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia undertake a wide spectrum of services to citizens and residents with varying procedures and requirements. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affiars has identified a need for improving municipal procedures towards higher performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery. Accordingly, the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs in the has undertaken the initiative to develop comprehensive Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of all municipal service procedures to achieve standardized and unified set of efficient and effective service procedures in municipalities throughout the Kingdom, to be developed in line with the e-gvernment framework “Yesser”.

This project entails the development of a comprehensive Business Process Reengineering (BPR) study for all municipal services to provide a unified set of service processes enabling Amanas and Municipalities across the entire Kingdom to improve their operational performance, monitoring and evaluation capability, and to achieve responsive, effective, and accountable governance. The scope of the study spans across all Amanas and Municipalities throughout the kingdom and includes:

  • Benchmarking with international best practice in municipal services
  • Map and document process steps and key performance parameters (process identification, AS-IS state) from a sample of 22 Amanas and municipalities of various categories
  • Understand underlying performance drivers (process steps, IT infrastructure, rules and regulations and legal environment)
  • Identify problems, ambiguities, inconsistences and gaps along key performance criteria (time, customer interactions, ownership, accountability, headcount, etc.)
  • Assess gaps along underlying drivers to performance (process steps, IT infrastructure/Yesser framework, rules and regulations and legal environment)
  • Define steps required to bridge performance gap
  • Design TO-BE processes
  • Change management and implementation plan