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Case study

Capacity Bldg-SA

Capacity Bldg-SA
Saudi Telecom
Associated Firm
Saudi Arabia
Management Consulting
February 2005-December 2007
Project Details

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the leading national provider of telecommunication serivces in KSA was established in 1998 and adopted a challenging program aiming to transform its business from the public system towards the commercial business standards.

Its internal strategy, among others, focused on re-skilling and development of its staff, according to its customers’ needs and requirements and STC strategy.

To achieve the goal of STC in re-skilling and developping its staff, TEAM International / Saudi HRD has accomplished a Training Needs Assessment (TNA), and based on its results and the company’s strategy has developed the appropriate curriculum to train the personnel and develop their skills on managerial and inter personal skills.

Accordingly 180 training seminars and workshops addressed to around 3000 staff employees were designed and delivered all over Saudi Arabia, and were followed by an intensive assessment of the new acquired skills.