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Case study

Construction Supervision and Assistance During Tender for the Pan Arab Highway Mdairej-Chtaura-Taanayel Section

Construction Supervision and Assistance During Tender for the Pan Arab Highway Mdairej-Chtaura-Taanayel Section
Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
Associated Firm
Transportation & Highway
May 2009 – Ongoing
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project: 
The Pan Arab Highway is an East – West dual carriageway of 62 km length, extending from the southeast of Beirut to the Lebanese border with Syria, forming a vital artery of the Lebanese Transportation Network with a major linking function between Lebanon and the Arab Countries. Once in operation it will enhance the national economy through two major sectors: tourism and transport of commodities. As for tourism it is a main development factor for the all-seasons tourism (Baalbeck City) in addition to the summer season tourism (Aley, Bhamdoun, Sofar, Chtaura, Zahle). As for the transportation network, it will relieve Damascus Road from the heavy traffic congestion. In both cases, safety improvements will be a major asset.

The actual project Section of this Highway starts at the end of Mdairej interchange, extends in the mountainous region, passes through Chtaura interchange, and ends at the intersection of this Highway with the existing Damascus Road at Taanayel. Its length is about 20 km. The number of lanes in each direction of this dual carriageway is 3 traffic lanes plus shoulder. This section includes 3 large dual viaducts with spans up to 44 m. and piers reaching 40 m. height, 9 different multi-span RC and PC bridges and overpasses, in addition to 7 underpasses. 

Works including but not limited to the following:

  • Earthworks and pavement construction.
  • Reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges.
  • Viaducts with box-girders prestressed concrete.
  • Cut and cover underpasses construction.
  • Large earth retaining construction.
  • Soil stability and large piling construction.
  • Foundation soil treatment and tie back anchors.
  • Storm water drainage systems with box culverts and hydraulic structures.
  • Signing, road marking and safety system.
  • Relocation of dry and wet utilities.
  • Reinstating of roads interfered by the Highway.
  • Traffic management during construction.
  • Lighting, landscaping and irrigation.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff: 
The objective of the assignment was to provide technical assistance, supervision of construction, contract administration, in addition to quality, cost and time control.

The scope of works consisted mainly of:

  • Review of the Construction Tender Documents and the Design Plans.
  • Assistance in Tendering and Procurement, Bid Evaluation and Advisory Assistance to the Client.
  • Establishing systems and monitoring quality control, progress control and quantities installed.
  • Quality assurance and checking conformity with contract requirements in terms of legal aspects, materials specifications, construction methods and workmanship.
  • Checking and approving of construction drawings and large viaducts new designs.
  • Day-to-day construction supervision of all works.
  • Construction schedule follow-up, updating and time control.
  • Evaluation of cost and time implications of variations.
  • Monitoring of the Environmental Mitigation and Safety Measures during construction.
  • Keeping records of tests, inspection approvals….
  • Control of Environmental Restoration and Archaeological Monitoring Plan.
  • Quantities computation, review of the contractor payment applications, and certifying for payment.
  • Daily, monthly and final reports preparation to the Client and the Donor.
  • Snag listing and assistance during project reception.
  • Services during defects liability period.