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Case study

Consultancy Services for Preparation of Comprehensive Traffic Management Study for Sana'a City

Consultancy Services for Preparation of Comprehensive Traffic Management Study for Sana’a City
Sanaa Municipality
Associated Firm
Transportation & Highway
03/2005 – 03/2007
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
The main objectives of the study are:
 Study the existing traffic and travel characteristics of the Sana’a Urban area.
 Project transport demand for the next 20 years up to 2024
 Identify the nature and magnitude of present and anticipated future transport problems in the study area. Special attention should be paid to congestion safety and environmental issues.
 Propose short, medium and long-term measures/improvement plans which will be directed towards alleviating all identified problems and be conductive for orderly development of transportation facility in the city.
 Evolve optimal road network system for the national capital region and prioritization of improvement measures/plans.
 Carry out environmental and social impact assessment of the main proposed measures.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided:
Services include: 
Study of Existing Traffic & Travel characteristics
 Collect available data, reports, maps and development plans
 Conduct primary surveys
 Delineation of Traffic zones
 Conduct road network inventory
 Conduct Work Place Surveys
Projection of Transport Demand
 Calibrate trip distribution
 Carry out traffic assignment over road network system
 Develop alternate urban & transport development strategies for city development
 Project transport demand in the road network system for a 20 year horizon period
Identification of Transport Problems
Preparation of Transport Network Improvement Plan
 Recommendation for an optimal transport network Upgrading
 Short Term Improvement measures
– Prepare improvement plans for priority junctions
– Consider Alternative low cost traffic improvement
Medium & Long Term Improvement Plans
 Propose Future Modes of Public Transport, including a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on its own Row
 Identify Alternative Medium and Long Term Improvement Measures to enhance Operational Efficiency
 Economic Evaluation for the Identified Measures/Plans using cost-benefit analysis for the (with) and (without) project condition
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
 Carryout a Baseline Study
 Assess the Adverse Impacts of the proposed Traffic Improvement
 Prepare Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to be followed over the horizon period of 20 years.