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Case study

Cost Recovery For Health Services Project (CRHP)

Cost Recovery For Health Services Project (CRHP)
Ministry of Health
Associated Firm
Cost Recovery For Health Services Project (CRHP)
Management Consulting, Health
Project Details



To enhance the quality, sustainability, accessibility and affordability of health services for the Egyptian people, and to broaden and diversify approaches for financing personal health services in Egypt.


Project Components:


1.       Cost Recovery

–      Allow public hospitals to function more autonomously and efficiently.

–      Reallocate Ministry of Health resources to target the poorest segments of the population.

2.      Improve Management in Existing Cost Recovery Organizations.

         Focus on mechanisms that will support management improvements of existing cost recovery organizations in order to control costs, provide incentives for preventing illness, and offer services affordable to clients.

3.      Private Sector Promotion

         Facilitate the expansion of private sector service delivery mechanisms and health insurance schemes to reduce Ministry of Health burden for direct financing of care for the general public.


Tasks and outcomes


–          Institutionalize management and administrative systems in the cost recovery facilities. Achieve of successful cost recovery operations in a minimum of four hospitals and one polyclinic.

–          Strengthen the CRHP Directorate’s capability to plan, implement and evaluate cost recovery conversion programs. Ensure that the  Ministry of Health and the Governorates have the institutional capacity to administer cost recovery activities and are able to replicate the cost recovery model: planing, conversion and training in other public facilities in the future.

–          Assist the Government of Egypt to explore social financing systems for health care. Ensure that innovative financing and delivery systems are operational in the private sector

–          Promote and support private sector health initiatives.

–          Institutionalize an MIS training capacity for all CRHP components. Institutionalize a capability to provide training courses in management information systems (MIS) for healthcare in an Egyptian organization