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Case study

Development of Saida Seafront Façade (International Competition)

Development of Saida Seafront Façade (International Competition)
Municipality of Saida / Directorate General of Urbanism
Associated Firm
Weidleplan – Germany
Transportation & Highway
May 1996 – Sept 1996
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project: 
Saida, a historic town dating back to the 3rd millennium B.C., has undergone a considerable degradation due to uncontrolled urbanization.
The international competition addresses the seafront of Saida from its Northern Gate up to and including Alexander Bay.
The objectives of the project are:
1. Conservation of the cultural and archaeologic heritage.
2. Re-establish the relation between the city and the sea, threatened by the alignment of a proposed road project.
3. Development of the seafront extending along 5 km, benefiting from its well-preserved beaches and proposing quality developments that preserve the environment and capitalizes on the touristic potential of Saida.
4. Propose a circulation plan across the city that recognizes the functional hierarchy of roads and paths servicing different users (pedestrians, local traffic, and transit traffic)