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Case study

Development of Services of Public Transport Systems within City of Taif

Development of Services of Public Transport Systems within City of Taif
Ministry of Transport – Deputy Minister for Transport
Associated Firm
Saudi Arabia
Transportation & Highway
March 2009 – July 2010
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:

Taif is a medium size city in the Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the vicinity of the wholly City of Makkah. Taif used to be the Summer Capital of the Kingdom, since it enjoys a pleasant weather being in a mountainous region. It is a popular Summer resort, and houses large military bases. It is served by an airport which is under development in preparation for receiving international flights, and probably play a role in serving Hajj and Umra passengers.
Taif has a university and several technical schools. In addition to reliance on internal tourism, the city has an active commercial activity, light industries, and the surrounding areas grow fruits and legumes. 
Taif with a population of around 800,000 currently has no organized public transport services of any sizeable magnitude.

Description of Actual Services Provided:

The scope of services include all the transport , socio-economic, and land-use surveys required for building a transport model that forms the basis for public transport planning. The model should be capable of testing various public transport development options. Transport demand for the future years must consider various possible development scenarios.
The preferred alternative should be translated to a quantified public transport plan that is subjected to economic evaluation and undergoes an environmental impact review.