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Environmental Assessment of Tripoli – Syrian Motorway

Environmental Assessment of Tripoli – Syrian Motorway
Conseil Exécutif des Grands Projets (CEGP)
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Transportation & Highway
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Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The motorway subject of this EIA is a controlled access six-lane divided facility, with full control of access and with service roads on both sides. Total length from Tripoli to Syrian border is 56km. It includes 9 interchanges. 
The EIA analyzed the impacts of the motorway during both construction and operating phases. The scope of work included quantification of land areas to be expropriated, building to be demolished, families and businesses to be displaced, trees to be cut, earth to be moved (cut and fill), noise and emissions of construction machinery, waste of asphalt plants, etc. A comparison of conditions with and without the motorway regarding vehicular emissions, noise, and traffic accidents was made.
Mitigation measures were identified and included:
• Promotion of good practice in quarry operations,
• Dust control,
• Noise control,
• Safety of job site,
• Pollution control of asphalt concrete plants,
• Trees replanting,
• Landscaping and erosion control; and
• Anti air pollution measures.