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Case study

Establishing A Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at DGVTE

Establishing A Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at DGVTE
Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE)
Associated Firm
Swedec International, Development Services
Management Consulting
2001 – 2003
Project Details

The main objective of this study was to establish a Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) Unit to strengthen the institutional capacity of the General Directorate of Vocation and Technical Education (DGVTE) in order to handle effectively the sector development projects over the next ten years. The role of the PM&E unit will include, inter alia, coordinating and monitoring the execution of sector related policies, preparing plans for public sector funded projects, evaluating the performance and impact of policies on the VTE sector and the economy, coordinating the establishment of a multi-purpose database, and assisting the Director General of VTE in coordinating the technical activities of various departments of DGVTE.

The scope of work covered four major activities:


    1. Design the operational framework for the PM&E Unit.


    1. Define the manpower needs and tasks of the Unit’s personnel.


    1. Establish operational procedures, mechanisms and monitoring indicators (within DGVTE and with stakeholders).


    1. Training personnel on various activities of the Unit systems and procedures.


Actual Services Provided:


    • Review of existing structure of DGVTE.


    • Organization structure and functions of PM&E unit


    • Design of the operational framework of the PM&E unit.


    • Defining the profiles of needed staff.


    • Preparation of procedures and monitoring indicators.


  • Training of staff of the PM&E unit.