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Case study

Feasibility Study for an Investment Holding Company

Feasibility Study for an Investment Holding Company
Islamic Development Bank
Associated Firm
Management Consulting
02/05 – 07/05
Project Details

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) commissioned Team International to conduct a feasibility study for an Investment Holding Company for the Republic of Uzbekistan. The establishment of the company was agreed upon between the Uzbek government and local investors together with investors from IDB member countries.

The objectives of the study were stated by IDB as follows:

“The study aims to evaluate whether the proposed Investment Holding Company is well founded and is likely to fulfill the main goals and objectives set by the IDB and participants of the Investment Conference which was held in Tashkent in October 2003. More specifically the study will evaluate the operational, economic, financial, legal, institutional, and managerial aspects of the proposed Company”.

The study relies on both primary and secondary data and information to achieve the following:


    • Understand and assess the country’s economic, financial, legal and business environments.


    • Assess the viability of an Investment Holding Company that Operates According to Shari’a Laws.


    • Provide strategic, business and investment guidelines for the Company.


    • Build a financial model for the Company.


  • Recommend the appropriate capital structure and project the Company’s potential internal rate of return under varied scenarios.