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Case study

First Municipal Development Project

First Municipal Development Project
Ministry of municipal and Rural Affairs
Associated Firm
Management Consulting
Project Details

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) in collaboration with the World Bank/ International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) commissioned TEAM International Engineering and Management Consultants to collaborate on a project aimed at establishing a Project Co-ordination Unit (PCU) within MOMRA. The objective of this unit being to implement and monitor a $90m fund for the execution of 2000 small-scale municipal infrastructure projects throughout Lebanon (in compliance with standard World Bank guidelines for development loans).

The project mission involved:


    • Task I: Establishing and documenting the requirements for managing and operating the fund; encompassing the design of a structure for a project co-ordination cycle for municipal development projects. The outcome of this task was delivered in two volumes:

        • Volume I: entitled “Operating Procedures”

        • Volume II: entitled “Procurement and Accounting”


    • Task II: Identifying the framework for the computerised specifications including database design, implementation requirements and cost estimates for a Project Management Information System (PMIS) that can support a standard project management business process.


The ultimate objective of the project was to streamline operations for efficient implementation of infrastructure contracts and loans. it had already been advocated that this would be achieved through the establishment of a project co-ordination unit (PCU) within MOMRA. it is furthermore perceived that the future structure of the proposed PCU shall concentrate on strengthening the project management capacity at the ministry in matters related to planning, design and supervision of engineering consulting and contracting works.