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Case study

Management Development for Productivity

Management Development for Productivity
Ministry of Industry USAID
Associated Firm
Management Consulting,Human Resource Development,Training
1983 – 1985
Project Details

TEAM International, in conjunction with Westinghouse and A.M.A. (U.S.) has carried-out one of the most ambitious productivity improvement projects in Egypt “Management Development for Productivity” (MDP).

The study covered more than forty different companies operating in Egypt in the sectors of :

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Textiles Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • General Metal Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Tourism

and involved the following :

  • Conducting diagnostic studies on client’s data and profile
  • Establishing workshop/action groups technique
  • Developing action plans and problem solving
  • Monitoring implementation
  • Evaluating & following up clients’ performance

The goal of the project was to help increase industrial organization effectiveness, particularly in terms of productivity.  Its main purpose was to improve management in public and private sector business organizations in terms of :

  • Improved business performance.
  • Strengthened management capabilities.
  • Increased organizational effectiveness.

The principal activity centered on a series of cycles of management and organizational development services to selected companies. Each cycle focused on a specific company and combined consulting and training for management problem solving.

Productivity is basically the efficiency with which goods and services are produced by a nation, an industry, or a company. Productivity means working smarter and doing things right the first time.  It simply means effective management. Current state of the world economy makes productivity improvement vital for the survival of any organization.

The duration of this project was three and half years. TEAM International assigned to MDP, 24 full-time professional and administrative support personnel, providing their services in management consulting, computers, training and office support.