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Case study

Management Development Plan (MDP)

Management Development Plan (MDP)
Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (MoMAUP)
Associated Firm
Management Consulting,Information Technology,Human Resource Development
February 2010 – July 2011
Project Details

The Kingdom of Bahrain has accomplished significant strides towards building a knowledge-based economy, and strengthening governance; to build and maintain lean structures, to strengthen urban and infrastructure planning, and to develop the necessary institutional framework and governance structure to implement the “National Planning and Development Strategies”. Within this context the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (MoMAUP) has undertaken to perform a strategic review of its organization, systems, procedures and activities in order to improve service delivery in terms of time, quality and cost-effectiveness through implementing a Management Development Plan (MDP) in respect of the following objectives:

  • Developing a strategic plan in support of vision 2030 and the National Economic Strategy (NES) 2009-2014 as a means for improving performance through improved service quality and client orientation, cost-effective organization and improved management systems and practices.
  • Aligning MoMAUP with vision 2030 and NES, including contribution to economic efficiency, and developing the capacity for flexible and innovative service delivery.
  • Identifying resource management initiatives, including selection of the most efficient means of service delivery based on good understanding of outputs, level of service and cost; and review at a strategic level alternative options for private sector participation in service delivery.

The scope of work covered:

  • Strategic Management Study, Process Cycle Performance to achieve excellence, by adapting the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).
  • Organization Study, defining appropriate organization structure, functional statements and Job descriptions, and developing Organization Manual and Implementation Plan.
  • Business Process and Procedures Study, defining key success factors and initiatives, design improvements and implementation plan.
  • Information Technology Study, to promote the organization’s strategic goals and optimize service delivery to successfully meet stakholders’ expectations. This involved three categories: the general computer services, support services, and MIS support to business decisions.
  • Human Resources Policy, establishing the Rationale for Restructuring the HR functions; assessing the current HR practices, manpower planning, training needs requirements; and developing an HRM policy framework, action plan and Performance Appraisal System.

Financial Study, reviewing the existing situation through budget analysis, and recommending improvements in budgeting and Expenditure Planning and Implementation.

Services provided included an analysis of pivotal trends and issues in the environment of MoMAUP, a policy review, diagnosis of various activities to assess organizational capabilities, development of strategic initiatives and of an implementation framework. The detailed services included:

  • Strategic Management Study and developing a strategic plan for the Ministry.
  • Assessing the feasibility of restructuring the provision of services.
  • New organization structure, Functional Statements and Job Descriptions.
  • Mapping of business processes and designing improved processes.
  • Information Technology Strategy and Master Plan.
  • Human Resources Management Policy and Performance Appraisal System.
  • Financial Study to improve the productivity of the financial management operations and increase the quality and effectiveness of financial services in maintaining financial stability, with an implementation plan.