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Case study

Management Development Program

Management Development Program
Associated Firm
9/2004 – 12/2004
Project Details

Fifteen training programs and workshops of two weeks each were conducted for Iraqi top management and senior executives from Iraq in Lebanon and Amman by Team International senior experts and consultants. The programs covered the following organizations and ministries: the National Center for Planning and Management Development (Ministry of Planning), the Ministry of Human Rights, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works. The programs were designed and developed based on specific needs assessment.


Key experts, consultants and trainers from Team International delivered the training topics in a participative manner, based on presentations, discussions, case studies, simulations and field visits, and covered the following main subjects:

–        New trends in public administration.

–        Dealing with the challenges of globalization.

–        The role of government and the private sector.

–        Management challenges: concepts, restructuring, organization.

–        Quality management.

–        Strategic planning and Management.

–        Performance Management.

–        Change Management.

–        Project Management.

–        Leadership skills.

–        Communication skills.

–        Time management.

–        Building and managing teams.

–        Human Resources Management (HRM).

–        Delegation and empowerment.

–        Knowledge management.

–        E-Government, E-learning, E-commerce.

–        Information and communication technology.

–        Consultants role.


Several field visits to ministries, public organizations, and international organizations were conducted.

Each training program was followed by an Organizational Development Plan project prepared by the participants related to specific strategic plan of their appropriate organization provisions were established for follow-up.