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Case study

Management Skills And Supervisory Skills Seminars

Management Skills And Supervisory Skills Seminars
Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform – OMSAR
Associated Firm
The Lebanese Management Association – LMA
Human Resource Development, Training
2002 – 2003
Project Details

TEAM International in association with the  LMA, offered a series of 30 seminars and workshops, addressed to civil servants of grade II and III from all ministries and Public Organizations in  Lebanon.

Upon the success of the training activity, the program was extended for 20 other seminars and workshops.

The main objectives of these seminars were to develop personal behavior, managerial and supervisory skills of the civil servants, towards a more transparent and accountable management style.

Some of the main topics covered by the seminars were:

– Management / Leadership Skills

–  Delegating and empowering subordinates

–  Improving communication skills

–  Techniques to motivate employees

–  Conflict Resolution

–  Performance Appraisal

–  Training and developing subordinates

–  How to manage meetings

–  Problem Solving and Decision Making

–  Change Management and Planning

–  Time Management

–  Stress Management

–  Managerial Behavioral Skills

–  Guidance and Coaching Skills

–  Motivation Skills

–  Team Building

–  Work Team Organization and Management

–  Communication Skills (Oral, Written)

–  Behavioral dealing with others.


Description of Actual Services

–   Training Program Design

–   Curriculum Design

–   Preparation of training materials

–   Training program delivery