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Case study

Manpower Dvpt Proj for Educ

Manpower Dvpt Proj for Educ
Ministry of Education and Youth
Associated Firm
Management Consulting
Project Details

The Ministry of Education & Youth prepared a program to develop the educational management as a local point in development the educational process in the Emirates according to the latest development in this area.

This program will be addressed to one hundred ninety four participants from top and middle level management from the various educational departments and zones in the Ministry. These participants will be divided into 8 groups:

The following are the subjects that will be covered by the program to four top management groups.


    1. Planning, scheduling and managing the executive tasks. (3 days)


    1. Performance improvement of work flow and procedures simplification. (3 days)


    1. Leadership & behavioural skills. (3 days)


    1. Time management and decision making skills. (3 days)


    1. Preparing indicators & follow up reports. (3 days)


    1. Leadership & motivation skills for work teams & individuals. (3 days)


    1. Meeting management. (2 days)


The seven subjects that will be covered in the 4 middle level management groups are:

Strategic management for middle level managers. (3 days)


    1. Managing, measuring & appraising performance. (3 days)


  1. TQM in education. (3 days)