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Case study


UNDP / Minister of State in Charge of Administrative Reform
Associated Firm
Management Consulting
3/1993 (Stage 1 UNDP)- 8/1993- 11/1994 (Stage 2)- 03/1995 – 11/1995 (Stage 3)- 1/1996
Project Details

This project consist of three stages:

Stage 1:

This UNDP sponsored study covered 16 ministries (including Ministry of Vocational and Technical Education) and 14 other public organizations. It was designed to identify urgent technical assistance needs of line ministries and public organizations for strengthening their institutiand management capacities to be able to carry out the investment programme for reconstruction and economic recovery in Lebanon. For each ministry or public organization the following studies were performed:


    • Diagnosis of the existing situation, including the mission and essential functions, organization structure, current staffing situation, personnel requirements, ongoing activities and problems, work environment in terms of office space and equipment and existing training effort.


    • Defining objectives and priority rehabilitation activities, including identification of ongoing, programmed or expected technical assistance, medium and long-term strategy and objectives, priority actions to meet immediate needs covering physical rehabilitation of offices and equipment, administrative rehabilitation in terms of filling key priority positions, training of existing and new staff and technical rehabilitation covering activities of high impact aiming and capability building in policy, strategy, programming, planning, management, monitoring and feedback utilization in the field of concern to each ministry.


    • Bundling of priority activities into sub-projects specifying their objectives, civil servant’s needs, training needs, consulting needs and equipment and computer needs, together with itemized cost budgets.


Stage 2: 

This project represents an update and completion of the “Public Administration Rehabilitation Programme – Immediate Technical Cooperation Activities sponsored by UNDP. The scope of work for each of the 44 ministries or public agencies (including Ministry of Vocational and Technical Education) has covered an audit of the existing situation including organization and staffing, an assessment of the objectives and strategy, ascertaining priorities, evaluation of the immediate needs in terms of personnel, premises, equipment, computers, training and technical assistance, the projects or activities to be undertaken with consideration to those already ongoing, and cost estimates for these projects excluding commitments already included in the current national budget. 

Stage 3:

This project represents an update and completion of the “National Administrative Rehabilitation Programme”, covering 12 public agencies. The scope of work covered an audit and an update of the situation including organization and staffing, evaluation of the immediate needs in terms of personnel, essential equipment, computers, training, technical assistance, and office technology and information applications priorities, to be undertaken. The cost estimates for these projects was evaluated in accordance with the 1996 – 1998 budget programme.