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Case study

Organizational Structure and HRM Development Plan

Organizational Structure and HRM Development Plan
Beirut Arab University (BAU)
Associated Firm
Management Consulting,Human Resource Development,Education
09/2002 – 06/2004
Project Details

The BAU project is a multi-phase project composed of 5 components:

1.     A strategic assessment (performed for the entire university) together with an organizational diagnosis and S.W.O.T. Analysis. Environmental, structural and administrative issues were tackled and a strategic development plan was proposed.

2.     Re-organization as a result of the strategic proposed plan, consisting of designing an organizational chart and the functional statements of each organizational unit.

3.     Job descriptions for about 60 key jobs: technical, professional and managerial.

4.     Performance appraisal system based on measurable indicators conceived for two levels: supervisory and operational.

5.     Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to determine specific needs of the employees, and define and design relevant training programs and curricula.

As a result of the study the following reports and system manuals were prepared:


1.  Diagnostic report including proposed strategic plan.

2.  Organizational manual including organization charts and high level functional statements.

3.  Job description manual for key staff.

4.  Performance appraisal system manual.

5.  Training needs assessment report.