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Case study

Organizational Study, The General Directorate of Military Works

Organizational Study, The General Directorate of Military Works
Ministry of Defense and Aviation
Associated Firm
Saudi Arabia
Management Consulting
Project Details

This organizational study included:


    • A diagnostic Survey of all the activities of the Directorate covering:

        • Determination of objectives and plans.

        • Determination of organizational needs.

        • Evaluation of present procedures and regulations to determine the weak points or advantages in each.

        • Recommending measures to increase the effectiveness of these procedures and regulations and to insure simplicity in the applications and more effective administrative and financial controls.


    • Setting of a new organizational structure including:

        • Redrawing of organization charts for all activities and administrative departments.

        • Setting of functional organization charts showing the hierarchies, position titles, lines of authorities, functional authorities, and work relationships.

        • Setting of job functions and job classification.

        • Setting of lists of administrative authorities and responsibilities.


    • Setting of procedures and systems covering:

        • A personnel system.

        • Office procedures system.

        • Procurement and Inventory system.


  • Determination of the requirements for projects and procedures, covering:

      • Prequalification of consultants and contractors.

      • Bids and contracts.

      • Project Management and project controls.

      • Bills of quantities and unit prices.

      • Cost estimating.

      • Review, control and payment of bills.

    • Review and settlement of claims.