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Case study

School Principal Leadership Development Program

School Principal Leadership Development Program
Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) – Education Development Project (EDP)
Associated Firm
University of Calgary – Canada Collège Boréal – Canada
Leadership Development, Education,Training
June 2005 – March 2008
Project Details

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) of the Republic of Lebanon received a loan from the World Bank for the implementation of an Education Development Project (EDP).


The project assigned to TEAM consortium, within the EDP, aims to develop the reform of the education system and to reinforce the quality of education within public schools in Lebanon.


The purpose of the “School Principal Leadership Development Program” is to provide a leadership and educational management professional development program to 30% (450 out of 1500) of the public school principals in Lebanon, in two summer institutes: The first institute addressed to 150 participants and took place during the summer of 2005, and the second institute is addressed to 300 principals and took place during the 2006-2007.


Through this project, these 450 principals were provided with the opportunity to complete a professional development training program of three weeks designed to improve leadership, strategic management, educational supervision and relations with the local society and parents’ skills. They also developed an improved understanding of international trends in competency based contextualized learning. A further goal of the assignment is to establish the basis for the institutionalization of the program, on a country-wide basis, of a pre-service and in-service training program for principals.


As part of the project the principals went through a self-guided studies program (10 modules) and a practicum, during 18 weeks, using an international education database and network through accessing a specially conceived e-portal.


The fourty best performing principals were selected to follow a 2-week training and study tour in Canada on “Training of Trainers – TOT” to become trainers.

برنامج تنمية القيادة لدى مديري المدارس

وزارة التربية والتعليم العالي – لبنان، 2005-2007