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Case study

Strategic Plan for Municipal Investment

Strategic Plan for Municipal Investment
SHRDC for the Ministry of Municipal and Rual Affairs (MoMRA)
Associated Firm
Saudi Arabia
Feb 2013 – Aug 2014
Project Details

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has adopted a strategic planning methodology for its operations ans services so as to ensure consistency and harmony with national goals, plans and econoomic vision 2024 of the Kingdom of Saudi, and to support its aspirations and initiatives towards sustainable development.

Accordingly, the Ministry is focusing more of its attention on contributing to local economic and social development,  and aspiring to achieve sustainable development of resources and investments so as to enhance its ability to increase the efficiency of municipal services and improve the standard of living for the population. This requires articulation of effective strategies for the development of municipal investments, and of new investment prospects, in strategic partnership with the private sectors.

In this context, the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs has undertaken to develop a general strategy for its municipal investments and articulate a future vision and roadmap for developing sustaibale revenues for Amanat and municipalities throughout the Kingdom in respect to the following objectives:

  • Continuous development of municipal investments methodologies and exploring new ways for developing sustainable revenues in amanat and municipalities based on local economic potential of their respective regions.
  • Stimulate local development and creation of new investment and job opportunities for citizens
  • Optimize the use of municipal resources to enable provision of efficient services in support of sustainable development
  • Promote the professional management of various aspects of investment and develop capacity building to provide investment options that are consistent with local needs.
  • Reduce the reliance of amanat and municipalites on government financial support by developing their local investment resources and exploring new ways to achieve sustainable revenues.
  • Find a consensus and harmony on investment vision and activities among Investment Directorates in amanat and municipalities throughout the kingdom in pursuit of viable investment practices.

Services provided for the development of a comprehensive investment strategy to create innovative investment programs aimed at achieving sustainable revenues supporting client’s commitment to delivering high quality municipal services. The scope of work covered the following activities:


  • Current state assessment (internal, external (PESTEL) and SWOT)
  • Benchmarking with international best practice of municipal investment
  • Identification of strategic direction alternatives
  • Development of strategy
  • Development of strategic initiatives and implementation framework

Organizational development/restructuring plan aligned with developed strategy