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Case study

Streamlinng the Position Strucutres of Municipalities

Streamlinng the Position Strucutres of Municipalities
Ministry of Municipal and Rual Affairs (MoMRA)
Associated Firm
Saudi Arabia
Management Consulting
February 2013 – August 2014
Project Details

The Directorate General for Management Development (GDMD) at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affiars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken several initiatives to strengthen municipal management, build capacity and improve human resources systems. One of those key initiatives of GDMD was to streamline the organization and position strucutres of various functions of municipal work.
The objective of the study of Streamling the Position Strucutre of Municipal Work was to update and modernize the framework for designing, classifying and specifying jobs for various municipal functions, in order to have a better fit with work load, new technologies, management tools and emerging future directions. Specific objectives include:

  • Review current position strucutres by function of municipal work and develop appropriate position structures for each category of amanat and municipalities, defining job titles, grades, appropriate number of employees for techncial and administrative positions within a balanced structure in accordance with funcitonal analysis of municipal activities.
  • Prepare job planning / classifciation guides to help improve efficiency of the work force as to qualifications, experience, and training needed to perform each municipal job.
  • Prepare a work plan to develop human resources to optimize performance.
  • Design the tools and controls that streamline applications for changing, upgrading, modificaiton and transfer of jobs to support balancing the position structures.

The scope of services provided include:

  1. A comprehnsive survey of the position structures of the municpal sector using a sample of 24 Amanat and Municipalities of different categories.
  2. Establishing the basis and standards for developing the position structures.
  3. Developing appropriate position structures according to the specializations and activities of the municipal work.
  4. Developing the tools and the regulations governing job procedures including changing, upgrading, modification, and transfer of jobs.
  5. Designing the initial database which links position structures to Human Resources Systems, in coordination with the Municipal Information Center.
  6. Devleoping an integrated plan for organizational development for gradual transition from the current strucutres to the proposed ones.
  7. Preparing an HR Development Plan to optimize performance.
  8. Preparing a Guide and Procedures for the implementation of various initiatives needed for the new position structures.
  9. Preparing a Job Descripton and Classification Manual for municipal functions.
  10. Delivering (3) workshops to build capacity and ease implementation.