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Case study

Support and Technical Assistance to Local Consultants

Support and Technical Assistance to Local Consultants
Republic of Yemen – Ministry of Public Works and Roads (MPW&R) Rural Access Program Control Management Office (RAPCMO)
Associated Firm
Masa’ab Bin Omair Sana’a
Transportation & Highway
Dec. 2003 – Dec. 2008
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
The World Bank has given Republic of Yemen a loan which will be used to improve rural accessibility in areas severely affected by isolation. This includes design, construction, and supervision of construction of six local and village access roads, in addition to capacity building and training to local consultants and contractors and developing technical guidelines and manuals for design and construction.
Description of Actual Services Provided:

Support and technical assistance to local consultants including: 

1- Assessment of current practices and performance of local consultants and contractors.
2- Conducting On-Job Training & Workshops for local consultants in order to improve their performance in the design and supervision of local access roads, taking into consideration the newly introduced technical, environmental and social aspects.
3- Preparing of the Design Manual for Rural Access Roads.
4- Preparing of the Construction Supervision Manual for Rural Access Roads.