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Case study

Taraz – Talas – Suusamyr Road Consulting Services for Construction Supervision Preparation of Tender Documents and Tendering

Taraz – Talas – Suusamyr Road Consulting Services for Construction Supervision Preparation of Tender Documents and Tendering
Ministry of Transport and Communications Kyrgyz Republic
Associated Firm
Transportation & Highway
Dec. 2003 – 2011
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:

This project is one of the principal roads in the Kyrgyz Republic. The length of the part under consideration is 53 km and lies in a mountainous area which rises to a peak at Otmek Pass 3330m above sea level. It is an area of severe weather conditions (temperatures ranging from -40 oC to +40oC) snow drifts, avalanches and earthquakes.
The highway passes through the water shed areas of the Otmek River, Zapandy Otmek River and Uch-Koshoy River passing through rocky sections and flood plains, requiring special soil treatment and stabilization and pavement design and construction method to be sustainable under the bad soil and weather conditions, also requiring special drainage works, and slope stability solutions. 

Description of Actual Services Provided:

– Preparation of Pre-qualification Documents of Contractors, Tender Documents and Tendering, including: Assistance in Tendering and Procurement, Issuing Tender Documents to Prequalified Bidders, Assistance in Orientation and Guidance of Prequalified and Invited Bidders, Clarification of Bidding Documents, Bid Evaluation, Advisory Assistance to MOTC.
– Design and Mobilization Review, including: Review and Approval of Contractor’s Designs and Working Drawings and Specifications, Review and Approval of Contractor’s Plans, include: Contractor’s Work Plan & Critical Path Analysis, Review Contractor’s Schedules, Contractor’s Program – Resources and Documentation, Review Traffic Management Measures.
– Supervision of Construction: Pre-Construction Activities, including: Review Topographic Survey of Project Site, Review Materials Sources, Review Contractual Responsibilities, Conduct Pre-Construction Meeting, Contractor’s Bonds, Guarantees and Insurances, Contractor’s Possession of the Site.
– Contract Administration Activities, including: Administration , Reporting / Recording System, Advise on Legal and Contractual Problems, Revise Documents and Issue Instructions, Approve Contractor’s Drawings and Temporary Works, Issue Site Instructions and Variation Orders
– Quality Control Activities, including: Organize Laboratory, Review Material Sources, Prepare Testing Program, Inspect the Works, Testing Materials, Test Workmanship, Carry out Tests on Completion.
– Quantity Control, including: Re-establish Reference Points, Verify Setting Out, Set Up Measurement Control System, Measure and Certify Quantities, Prepare Variation Orders, Update Estimates and Adjust Quantities.
– Monitoring and Reporting, including: Contractor’s Mobilization Report, Review Progress and Proposed Remedial Actions, Update Records, Site Meetings, Maintain Photographic Record, Produce Monthly Progress Reports, Produce Miscellaneous Reports

Description of Actual Services Provided:

– Completion of Contract, including: Substantial Completion Certificate, Review Completeness, Prepare Remedial Works List, Provisional Acceptance of the Works, Check and Certify Final Payment Certificate, Prepare As-Built Drawings and Specifications, Project Completion Report, Prepare Confidential Report (if required), Consultancy Completion Report and Maintenance Manual.
– Defects Liability Period, including: Works Condition, Non-destructive Testing, Inspection, Supervision of Remedial Work.
– Documentation, including: Prepare Statement of Completion, Prepare Final Acceptance Certificate.
– Additional Services, including: Design of Environmental Mitigation Measures, Review of Contractor’s Plants & Facilities, Construction Traffic, Noise Nuisance, Water Abstraction, Site Safety, Disposal of Excess Materials.
– Approval and Control of Contractor’s Workmanship, including: General Effects, Pollution of Watercourses, Erosion of Earthworks, Follow-up and Control of Mitigation Measures.
– Environmental Restoration, including: Control of Restoration on-Site, Control of Restoration off-Site.
– Archaeological Monitoring Plan.