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Case study

Technical Assistance & Construction Supervision of the Ashrafieh – Nahr- Sin El Fil Link

Technical Assistance & Construction Supervision of the Ashrafieh – Nahr- Sin El Fil Link
Executive Council for Great Projects in City of Beirut (CEGPVB)
Associated Firm
In Association with Saud Consult
Transportation & Highway
1994 – 2000
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
This important link of two major east-west thoroughfares joined together across the Beirut River was conceived 25 years ago, but its implementation was delayed until 1994. 
The project includes a series of underpasses and bridges inlaid in a dense urban fabric over a difficult topography and bad soil conditions.
Work involved extensive utility relocation which included 1000 mm and 600 mm water mains, a network of waste water and storm water drainage, potable water, power and telephone networks.
The construction included: reinforced concrete underpasses and overpasses, post tensioned prestressed concrete box-girder bridges, reinforced earth embankments reaching 15 m height, high reinforced concrete retaining walls with tie back anchors, and 80 cm diameter reinforced concrete pile foundation drilled to a depth of more than 35 meters in river bed critical soil conditions.
The components of the project include:
– 220 m long, 10 m wide bridge on a steep grade and horizontal curve, on piers reaching 12 m height, founded on piles reaching 25 meters depth,
– 30 m length tunnel, 7 m wide, on a sharp curve, 
– highway embankments, 7 m high,
– 125 m tunnel, 20 m wide, 10 m each carriageway,
– 60 m bridge, 10 m wide,
– dual bridge over railroad, two independent structures, prestressed concrete, 30m span,
– dual bridge over River Beirut, two independent structures of 105m long each, 3 spans (36-37-32 meters) of post-tensioned prestressed concrete box-girder, founded on piles reaching 35 meters depth,
– a series of underpasses and walls in reinforced earth reaching a height of 11 m,
– 20 m high retaining walls with permanent tie back anchors shoring high residential buildings,
– foundation soil treatments including soil replacements and sand draining piles & others,
– partial demolition and rehabilitation of existing buildings partially expropriated ,
– 600 m of D.C.I water pipe of 1000 mm diameter, 3500 m of waste water and storm water conduit pipes and channels with appropriate appurtenances and houses connections,
– complete traffic control system and safety equipment including: traffic light signalization, control signs, road marking paints and concrete and steel safety barriers.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
We have provided complete technical assistance and construction supervision services. Our services included:
– Checking of construction drawings.
– Re-design of many foundation elements of the structures, the bridge over Nahr-Beirut, and the reinforced earth abutments.
– Day-to-day construction supervision of all works.
– Quality assurance and checking conformance to specifications.
– Construction schedule follow-up and updating and time control.
– Quantities calculations, preparation of payment certificates, and cost control.
– Daily, monthly and final reports preparation to CEGPVB and donor.
– Snag listing and assistance during project reception.
– Services during defects liability period.