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Case study

Technical Assistance to Reinforce Governance in Environmental Tasks (TARGET)

Technical Assistance to Reinforce Governance in Environmental Tasks (TARGET)
Ministry of Environment
Associated Firm
Management Consulting, Quality Control,Training
07/2004 – 05/2005
Project Details

This project was conceived to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Environment (MOE), to improve its performance and contribute promoting its role. It was designed within the framework of EU LIFE as a collaborative effort between MOE, UNDP and TEAM International.

The scope of work undertaken by TEAM International included the following components:

1.  Organization and Preparation of Quality Procedures

manual, according to ISO 9000:2000 standards specifications, covering:

Data Collection and Development, Preparation and documentation of Administrative Procedures and formsto optimize the performance of the MOE’s functions and processes in  pursuit of its mission, vision and strategy.

The procedures Manual was prepared to facilitate training and computerization of the new procedures and forms. To complete this task TEAM International had identified the  major functions and processes, key business objectives and critical success factors, prepared Business Architecture, identified the key  performance measures and indicators by using  the Common Assessment Framework of EFQM, and  finally  prepared Quality Procedures Manual including Forms.

2.  Strengthening of IT/IS Applications, covering:

Assessment of Current IT Applications and Database Architecture, IT Goals and Strategy, High Level FunctionalRequirements for needed Application Systems and a plan for  implementing the IT Strategy.

3.  Strategic Human Resources Development Plan,

to provide knowledge, awareness and skills to improve MOE’s staff behavior, to increase the commitment of  the staff to  focus on issues of importance to the objectives of the  MOE, to adopt a Client-focused  approach, and to promote  accountability, transparency and quality culture.

This task covered:

Design of Training Needs Assessment (TNA) forms, Design of Training Plan, and Administration of several training seminars and workshops, as defined in the needs assessment.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided: 

– Assessment of internal capabilities.

– Functional and process / forms analysis.

– SWOT analysis.

– Development of Business architecture and enterprise model.

– Formulation of key objectives, critical success factors and performance measures.

– Preparation of procedures and forms.

– Identification of applications and database architecture.

– Formulation of IT goals and strategy.

– HR review.

– Training needs assessment.

– Training plan.

– Conducting several training seminars and workshops, including:

    HR management, report writing and presentations, fundraising and financing techniques, appraisal evaluation, leadership and management skills, problem solving and decision making, methodologies and tools for a modern Public Sector, IT Management, Quality Procedures documentation, Strategic Planning,…