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Case study

Tourism Master Plan

Tourism Master Plan
Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism
Associated Firm
Kohl & Partner
Iraq – Kurdistan Region
7/2012 – 2/2013
Project Details

The main goals of the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism / GBoTR for developing this Master Plan are:

  •  To build a competitive tourism industry that contributes to the diversification of the economic base of the Region.
  •  To enhance the role of cultural and archeological heritage in the development of tourism.
  •  To enhance the role of the private sector in investment, management and operation of sustainable tourism activities and destinations.
  • To strengthen the management capacity of the public and private sectors to be able to manage tourism activities competitively and at international standards.


The sope of services included:

  1. Analysis of recent changes (and their causes) in tourism flows, tourism numbers and tourism revenues
  2. Analysis of the possibilities for enhancing cultural inheritance and promoting eco-tourism, sports, outdoor activities, spa activities and any related tourism attractions
  3. Analysis of the impact of transport and related infrastructure (e.g. accommodation and leisure facilities) on potential tourism attractions.
  4. Analysis of the potential of different urban and rural areas to contribute to the achievement or regional tourist goals.
  5. Develop incentive packages to encourage investment in each region, sub-region, or areas within Kurdistan region and rural areas.
  6. Identification of specific target sites (cultural and geographic) for investment either by government and where appropriate by the private sector.  Recommendations are required for specific incentive packages for specific sites.
  7. Analysis of the competitive situation of the tourism products and offerings of Kurdistan region, and recommendations to ensure and enhance co-ordination of other regional tourism activities within the KRG.
  8. Define major source markets, consumer trends, and the competitive position of Kurdistan region tourism products on these markets.
  9. Comprehensive brand and product strategy, including cultural heritage, amenities, geographical heritage, accommodation, events, etc., which combine to create a unique sales proposition.
  10. Comprehensive communication strategy to support the comprehensive product strategy, including electronic means and an electronic market place for the development of tourism within Kurdistan region which comprises tourist information and bookable offers.
  11. Strategies to encourage the development of public/private partnership on tourism development.
  12. Analysis of the obstacles to the future development of Tourism within the Kurdistan region.
  13. Analysis of the activities of the Iraqi Federal Ministries within the KRG and the Iraqi Federal government related to supporting tourism as background to the Master Plan for the Kurdistan region.
  14. Analysis of the future development of tourism and the impact of the Master Plan and related activities on the development of tourism both in terms of overall tourism numbers and estimated revenues.