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Case study

Traffic Al Khuwair Al Ghubbrah OM

Traffic Al Khuwair Al Ghubbrah OM
Muscat Municipality Directorate General of Technical Affairs
Associated Firm
Management Consulting
April 2000 – April 2001
Project Details

The purpose of this study is to alleviate the traffic congestion in Al-Khuwair and Al-Ghubbrah areas in Muscat. The study area is bounded by Shati El-Qurm and Madinat Al-Sultan Qaboos areas to the east, by Gulf of Oman to the north, by the Seeb area to the west, and by the Bawsher area to the south.

The congestion problem experienced at several junctions in the study area is due to vehicular movements whose trajectory was dictated by some missing links in the roadway network. The missing links are forcing drivers to take circuitous routes in order to avoid the peak hour congestion on some of the main junctions, thus spilling over traffic and causing congestion also on road sections that were designed to serve access rather than through traffic.