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Case study

Travel Modelling for Three Toll Motorways in Lebanon

Travel Modelling for Three Toll Motorways in Lebanon
TOROC (Toll Road Corporation)
Associated Firm
In Association with TAMS-LOUIS BERGER
Transportation & Highway
1997 – 1998
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
TEAM International was retained by the Joint Venture of TAMS-LOUIS BERGER (TLB) working for TOROC (Toll Road Corporation) of Lebanon, for providing origin destination matrices and forecasts of traffic on three toll motorway projects (The Périphérique, the Northern Entrance, and the Arab Motorway).

The 1994 trip matrices for Greater Beirut Area were updated by new volume counts and Road-side interviews. A major Road-side interview was conducted along the existing Beirut – Masnaa Highway that cordoned all entering traffic, and another one in Dbayeh was conducted.

Road-side surveys, complemented by ATC (Automatic Traffic Counts), TMC (Turning-Movement Counts), and MCC (Manual Classification Counts) were analyzed to produce trip matrices with origin and destinations covering a large area of the country.

Based on observed economic and demographic growth, future trip interchange through the year 2010 was produced.

Concurrently a Stated Preference (Intentions) Survey was conducted along the roads whose general alignment carries traffic candidate for using the toll roads under study. The results of the surveys provided the perceived value of time by the potential users and how it can impact route selection.