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Case study

Wheat Cultivated Areas Market Research Survey

Wheat Cultivated Areas Market Research Survey
Ministry of Economy and Trade
Associated Firm
Management Consulting
2002 – 2003
Project Details

Phase I

The objective of the project was to carry out a survey and assessment of the areas cultivated in Wheat harvest in Lebanon, in comparison with the subsidized wheat applications, in order to determine any supplementary areas not covered with the applications in each region.

This covered around 1300 applications in a 140.000 acres area in Bekaa, Baalbeck and Hermel. The scope of the assignment is to define the limits of each cultivated lot of land according to the plans, and to assess the production of each land according to its area, based on the quality of the crop and other indicators.

Phase II

The objective of phase II was to update the information for the year 2003 and to prepare a situational analysis of the present Wheat cultivated areas in Bekaa region, the result of which was a computerized listing with details of names, lands, areas, lot numbers and quantities produced.

The services delivered included:


    • Review of Wheat Subsidy Applications.


    • Survey of cultivated land areas and supplementary lands not covered by the requests.


    • Evaluation of the crops qualities and quantities.


  • Computerized data base.