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Case study

Workshops and Awareness Conferences about Environmental Impact Assessment

Workshops and Awareness Conferences about Environmental Impact Assessment
Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Program (METAP), managed by the World Bank
Associated Firm
Environmental Impact Assessments
March 2001
Project Details

Four workshops were designed and administered to:

1- Employees of the Ministry of Environment, CDR, and line ministries
2- Environmental NGO’s
3- Industries and consulting firms
4- Staff of World Bank funded projects engaged in environmental monitoring

Thirty awareness conferences were designed and administered all over Lebanon, beneficiaries include:

1- Municipalities and local authorities (18)
2- Engineers and contractors
3- Industrialists
4- Business community
5- Lawyers
6- Insurance companies
7- Media (papers, broadcasting, TV)
8- Bankers
9- Universities (3)
10- Donors
11- Decision-makers.

This training and public awareness campaign is done in preparation for requiring an EIA for each new project.

Depending on the audience, the presentations include various levels of detail covering:
– status of environment in Lebanon
– what is an EIA?
– benefits of an EIA
– procedures involved: screening, scoping, technical studies, public participation, reporting, monitoring, etc.
– proposed steps in conducting an EIA
– cost of conducting an EIA
– skills required to conduct an EIA
– risk aversion.